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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnomadicno‧mad‧ic /nəʊˈmædɪk $ noʊ-/ adjective  1 nomadic people are nomads nomadic herdsmen2 if someone leads a nomadic life, they travel from place to place and do not live in any one place for very long The son of an air force pilot, he had a somewhat nomadic childhood.
Examples from the Corpus
nomadicA certain degree of unevenness is acceptable in nomadic and some village items.Nevertheless, they modified the forest by nomadic behaviour and shifting cultivation, if they became truly independent.As a general rule, the wool in nomadic items is very good.The first and most important are authentic nomadic items which employ their own tribal guls.One was the prevalence of nomadic, pastoral life, as in Arabia.He portrays the latter as a nomadic people who traversed the steppe in wagons with their herds and flocks.They are essentially a rural and nomadic people.As the name implies, they are used almost exclusively by nomadic weavers.
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