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nomenclatureno‧men‧cla‧ture /nəʊˈmeŋklətʃə $ ˈnoʊmənkleɪtʃər/ noun [uncountable] formal 🔊 🔊 Ha system of naming things, especially in sciencenomenclature of 🔊 the nomenclature of science 🔊 zoological nomenclature
Examples from the Corpus
nomenclatureThe preservationists had been careful about nomenclature.medical nomenclatureThe naming or nomenclature of chemical substances falls broadly into two categories: inorganic nomenclature and organic nomenclature.Unfortunately for the lay reader, battalions had a strange nomenclature.I began this discussion by saying that adherence to systematic nomenclature is a limiting kind of freedom.Recently there have been many important changes in the nomenclature of the family.The nomenclature of science does not refer to definitive concepts: It is ceaselessly adjusted, completed, varied.This nomenclature is revealing, as is the meaning ascribed to such review in a leading decision.This nomenclature tends to confuse the terminology.
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