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nominalnom‧i‧nal /ˈnɒmɪnəl $ ˈnɑː-/ ●○○ adjective  1 nominal sum/charge/fee etc2 NAME OF A THINGofficially described as being something, when this is not really true the nominal head of the rebellion Their conversion to Christianity was only nominal.3 nominal value/rate/income etc4 technicalSLG relating to nouns or used as a noun the nominal use of the present participle
Examples from the Corpus
nominalTickets for the concert are a nominal $3 for students.Consequently, a nominal 60-year loan would in practice be made up of many short-, medium-, and long-term loans.The daughter had all the brains and did all the accounts -- the son was just the nominal boss of the business.It started in Fat Harry's, long after the nominal closing time, across a table littered with empty glasses.A nominal diameter may also be derived from the volume of the pebble.Oil prices in nominal dollar terms are expected to stay flat, at best, between now and the year 2000.We are allowed to use the tennis courts for a nominal fee.On paper we have a nominal fund of £2.3m covering our 8000 patients.It's fairly clear that he is only the nominal head of the local party -- in fact he's got no authority at all.The Zener voltage should be chosen so that it is approximately 1V less than the nominal on-load battery voltage.Soon you and I are going to be nominal proprietors of a rather sophisticated installation.The mean underwriting fee was 1.4 percent of the issue's nominal value.nominal headFor these reasons, if none other, the Lord Chancellor, is more than a nominal head of the judiciary.Nevertheless other generals - Sanjurjo, the nominal head of the rebellion.
From Longman Business Dictionarynominalnom‧i‧nal /ˈnɒmənəlˈnɑː-/ adjective1nominal head/leader etc someone who has the title of head, leader etc but does not have the normal responsibilities, powers etc of that jobAlthough he remained the nominal head of the campaign, his deputy took over responsibility for it.2a nominal sum of money is very small, compared to the usual amount that would be paid or charged for somethingHe charges a nominal amount for his software, enough to cover expenses.3ACCOUNTING a nominal figure, level etc is not the real one because something such as inflation has not been taken into accountWhile the Fed can peg the nominal federal funds rate, it cannot control the real rate (i.e. the nominal rate minus the rate of inflation).
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