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nominal sum/charge/fee etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnominal sum/charge/fee etcnominal sum/charge/fee etcLITTLE/NOT MUCHa very small sum of money, especially when compared with what something would usually cost or what it is worth A nominal charge is made for use of the tennis courts. nominal
Examples from the Corpus
nominal sum/charge/fee etcHe applied for a grant of land and this was sold to him for a nominal sum.The local agents provide an extensive catalogue of programs available at a nominal charge.Traditionally, the people's singing has been delegated to a choir which is generally paid a nominal fee.Homes for the elderly were shut, and formerly nominal charges increased and extended.A red cotton T-shirt or running vest is available at a nominal charge of £1.00 together with sponsorship forms.Those registered users of Word for Windows requiring the upgrade can obtain it from Microsoft for a nominal fee of £7.75inc.VAT.It would save money simply to give the pits to the miners for a nominal sum, say £1.Under the program, the government sold shares to citizens for a nominal fee to quickly transform state enterprises into private companies.
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