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nominal value/rate/income etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnominal value/rate/income etcnominal value/rate/income etctechnical a nominal value etc does not show what something is really worth or really costs, because it does not take into account changes in the price of other goods and services opp real If prices rise and the nominal wage remains constant, the real wage falls. nominal
Examples from the Corpus
nominal value/rate/income etcThe mean underwriting fee was 1.4 percent of the issue's nominal value.The nominal value is meaningless and may be misleading, except in so far as it determines the minimum liability.The box, with a nominal value of £5, was for the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow trust.However low nominal rates of interest go, they still remain positive in real terms.The nominal rate of interest has two components.The accumulated fund represents the nominal value of the net assets of the Law Society valued at historic cost.Also barred would have been gifts, except for items of nominal value, such as shirts or mugs.Additional effects are found from the growth in nominal income which is associated with an increase in own-country relative returns.
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