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non-alcoholicˌnon-alcoˈholic adjective  DFDDRINKnon-alcoholic drinks do not contain alcohol non-alcoholic wine Do you have anything non-alcoholic?
Examples from the Corpus
non-alcoholicnon-alcoholic beerIn that case, the hostess of a club selling non-alcoholic beverages importuned three passers by.These days most major manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages produce special drinks of negligible calorie content for the weight-conscious.However, Lang is quick to add that non-alcoholic beverages will also be served.This non-alcoholic drink has less than 50 calories and is a healthy addition to any picnic or packed lunch.But the campaigners say they want to see even more promotion of non-alcoholic drinks for drivers.The survival rates for alcoholic and non-alcoholic patients were identical.There will also be potluck munchies and a non-alcoholic toast at midnight, she says.We got some non-alcoholic wine for Lisa because she doesn't drink.
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