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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnon-attendanceˌnon-atˈtendance noun [uncountable] formal  failure to go to a place or event where you are supposed to go He was taken into care because of his non-attendance at school.
Examples from the Corpus
non-attendanceBut the frequency of fines for non-attendance indicates the declining authority of the Forest administration.Subsequently, however, he was able to resume the announcement of his non-attendance himself.They were low in the later years partly because recruitment continued until 1986 and partly because of non-attendance.They went to church because church was obligatory and they feared the consequences of non-attendance.To combat truancy schools need the active co-operation of parents and good information about patterns of non-attendance.The following year the question of non-attendance arose.In these circumstances it is often easier for parents to support their children's non-attendance by providing bogus explanations for it.Please remember that non-attendance deprives some one else of a place.
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