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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnon-essentialˌnon-esˈsential adjective  NEED#not completely necessary All non-essential travel was cancelled.
Examples from the Corpus
non-essentialSome firms will be told to sell off non-essential assets to cut their debt.Metrolink is seen by transport planners and environmentalists as the first serious attempt to squeeze non-essential car users out of Manchester city centre.Items such as computers and video recorders and cameras were until recently in the non-essential category.For a developing country in particular this might be a desirable outcome in the case of non-essential goods.For the working owner, non-essential grooming is out.The till girl drops a few non-essential items, like initialled and scented toilet paper into a reject box.Those opposed to whaling focus on its inherent cruelty, the non-essential nature of whale products, and the danger of over-exploitation.Use what detail you need and filter out the non-essential stuff.
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