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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnon-residentialˌnon-resiˈdential adjective  1 LIVE SOMEWHERE# British English if a course, activity etc is non-residential, you are not provided with a place to stay while you are doing it2 non-residential areas or buildings are not places where people live
Examples from the Corpus
non-residentialIn particular, they should consider how they will encourage diversification into the non-residential care sector.They offer two-day, non-residential courses at their Farnborough headquarters and at other locations countrywide.For those on non-residential courses three years' part-time training is normally demanded.Police, responding to security threats, will also be able to search non-residential premises and unaccompanied freight at ports.Activity in the non-residential sector is up 20 percent compared to the first five months of 1996.They went along with the feeling that Tony should have a non-residential supervision order but strongly recommended that he should change his school.
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