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non-smokerˌnon-ˈsmoker noun [countable]  DFTSMOKE#someone who does not smoke an area reserved for non-smokers
Examples from the Corpus
non-smokerNon-smokers get cheaper health insurance.Smokers have adapted and accepted the new rules, and non-smokers are extremely grateful.Analyses comparing rates of non-smoking among study groups at each follow up were repeated for non-smokers at baseline rather than never smokers.This part of the restaurant is reserved for non-smokers.We also found that the presence of human papillomavirus in the cervix of non-smokers was significantly associated with a history of smoking.Thirty-two percent of regular smokers reported frequent coughs compared with 22 percent of non-smokers.The Reading attitude survey found 15 percent of smokers - and 67 percent of non-smokers - favoured a total ban.A quarter of those interviewed thought the rights of smokers outweighed those of non-smokers in the staffroom.No significant differences in the proportions of students remaining never smokers or non-smokers were found.Cigarette smoke can smell pretty filthy, even to a smoker, while non-smokers often find it unbearable.
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