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non-smokingˌnon-ˈsmoking adjective  1 DFTSMOKE#a non-smoking area is one where you are not allowed to smoke a non-smoking restaurant2 [only before noun] used to describe someone who does not smoke a non-drinking, non-smoking fitness fanatic
Examples from the Corpus
non-smokingSomewhere south of York, Hubert was alone in a second-class non-smoking compartment.Given popular perceptions of the paparazzi, Young is surprisingly clean-living: a non-drinking, non-smoking, fitness fanatic.Combining smoking and non-smoking men taking atenolol gave a risk ratio of 1.01.I asked for a seat in the non-smoking section of the plane.They sit together in a non-smoking section.His entertainment featured abundant wine and cigars, though he himself was a non-smoking teetotaller.
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