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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnon-specificˌnon-speˈcific adjective  1 [only before noun] a non-specific medical condition could have one of several causes children with non-specific abdominal pain2 not exact or detailed, or not relating to one particular thingvague The description was deliberately non-specific.
Examples from the Corpus
non-specificI had carried out postmortem examinations of the dead animals but had found only a non-specific gastro-enteritis.The causative organism, like that responsible for many cases of non-specific infection, is a member of the chlamydia group.This includes object classes providing basic non-specific operating system services.But gastric metaplasia may also develop as a non-specific response to mucosal injury not associated with acid peptic damage.At least he had been non-specific, so the chances were still good.There are three main types: non-specific, specific, and potential.The usual differential diagnosis lies between non-specific urethritis and gonorrhoea.This suggests that the phenomenon may also be caused, in some non-specific way, by the ingestion of fresh growing grass.
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