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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnon-traditionalˌnon-traˈditional adjective [only before noun]  different from the way something happened or from what was considered typical in the past older, non-traditional university students non-traditional workdays
Examples from the Corpus
non-traditionalThe same Exeter University study found that four of the 10 farms it looked at were making losses on their non-traditional businesses.Although, as money runs out, the cost-effectiveness of non-traditional classes comes under greater scrutiny.Audrey aspires to goals in both traditional and non-traditional domains but succeeds in the traditional domain only.Some of that is changing as more women move into non-traditional fields.She said the newer, non-traditional flags outsell country and state flags by more than 50 percent.Question Seven: Are women and men shown in a variety of occupations, including non-traditional ones?This growth he put down to the general improvement in bookshop presentation and the wider availability of books in non-traditional outlets.Within it there is some discussion of the relative performance of students with traditional and non-traditional qualifications.
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