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non-violenceˌnon-ˈviolence noun [uncountable]  PPPVIOLENTthe practice of opposing a government without using violence, for example by not obeying lawspassivity She was committed to non-violence. a policy of non-violence
Examples from the Corpus
non-violenceI intend to show that marketing non-violence can be as profitable as the violence industry can be.Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi spearheaded the movement, which was largely peaceful, Gandhi being the apostle of non-violence.Ultimately, planners adopted a policy of non-violence.When we look at this time, and its astonishing record of non-violence, we find ourselves asking several questions.It is the way in which ahi is implemented or put in action; it is the technique of non-violence.At any rate, non-violence was on its way to becoming a political objective, not merely a moral one.My goal to is to get kids to read books, and for kids to relate to a superhero that teaches non-violence.The problems posed by this view could be related to the question whether non-violence must always be the right way.
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