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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnon-violentˌnon-ˈviolent adjective  not using or not involving violencepeaceful a non-violent protest against the government an increase in the amount of violent and non-violent crime
Examples from the Corpus
non-violentThey are believed to have been non-violent, adhering scrupulously to an other-worldly pacifism.Our organization has always been non-violent and non-partisan.The detainees include individuals suspected of involvement in armed opposition or non-violent anti-government activity.This section will focus on these two perspectives and their relationship with non-violent aspects of communal group protest activity.In contrast, Piaroa minimize gender differences and maintain the same normative code of non-violent behaviour for both males and females.In this sense political activity has to do with non-violent contention within an ordered framework.Some of us old fogies - I am 60 - are non-violent from necessity.Yet when it comes to acting against those making a non-violent protest against fuel prices, they suddenly seem very keen indeed.In 1942, the Congress Party demanded immediate independence, and threatened massive though non-violent resistance.And it is he who is credited with introducing King to the writings of Gandhi and the concept of non-violent resistance.
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