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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnondescriptnon‧de‧script /ˈnɒndəˌskrɪpt $ ˌnɑːndəˈskrɪpt/ adjective  ORDINARYsomeone or something that is nondescript looks very ordinary and is not at all interesting or unusual a rather nondescript suburban house
Examples from the Corpus
nondescriptNothing wrong with it, but at first I thought it was nondescript, and then I thought it felt weird.The detective drives a nondescript blue Ford, perfect for observing people unnoticed.Yet this nondescript clay pot endures.The only people in the waiting room were a couple of rather nondescript elderly ladies.Diana cut a nondescript figure in her checked shirt, her sister's anorak, cords and wellington boots.a nondescript gray suitHe would show the secret symmetries in a nondescript life.They were an average family living a boring life in a nondescript little house in the suburbs.Further to the right the cliff becomes rather nondescript until a shallow, right-facing corner offers access to a fine steep wall.Now, he wrote, it is in a little room in a nondescript Victorian terraced house in a side-street in South London.
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