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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnonentitynon‧en‧ti‧ty /nɒˈnentəti $ nɑː-/ noun (plural nonentities) [countable]  UNIMPORTANTsomeone who has no importance or power and who is not special in any way syn nobody
Examples from the Corpus
nonentityI think we are too ready to look upon the child as a nonentity.He's famous in Europe, but a nonentity in the U.S.But who's going to come out to see a nonentity like you?Chamberlain, she told him, was a nonentity.Modigliani would never have stayed with a nonentity.Next to him, the other dancers seemed like nonentities.The young men who made up his troupe of ghosts were seldom nonentities.The rest of the Condemned were still nonentities, the clerks and Civil Servants of the music business.It might equally well have been annoyance - John Parsons the macho male being quietly baited by the nonentity by the fireside.Oh, yes, the nonentity of a junior health minister.He packed his government with nonentities, who would never challenge his leadership.
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