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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnonethelessnone‧the‧less /ˌnʌnðəˈles/ ●●○ AWL adverb [sentence adverb] formal  BUTin spite of the fact that has just been mentioned syn nevertheless The region was extremely beautiful. Nonetheless Gerard could not imagine spending the rest of his life there. The paintings are complex, but have plenty of appeal nonetheless.
Examples from the Corpus
nonethelessFolly doubted if she would care what Luke got up to, but she gave her the flowers nonetheless.It was too late in the year for the almond blossom but the valley was beautiful nonetheless.Such a cost nonetheless needs setting against the advantages in any ecological study of gorilla social behaviour.It has, nonetheless, saved millions of families from hunger, homelessness, physical assault, and total despair.The substance may not affect humans. Nonetheless, the FDA is examining it closely.Leland added: Since nonetheless the gentry of the vicinity were anything but affluent, the profits may have been largely illusory.Although research has modified this supposition, it is nonetheless true that males are generally seducers and females the seduced.We nonetheless welcome this particular representative of the genus.
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