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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnonplussednon‧plussed (also nonplused American English) /nɒnˈplʌst $ nɑːn-/ adjective [not before noun]  SURPRISEDso surprised by something that you do not know what to say or do syn dumbstrucknonplussed by/at Billy was completely nonplussed by Elliot’s refusal.see thesaurus at surprised
Examples from the Corpus
nonplussed"I don't know, " he said, nonplussed at the question.nonplussed by/atJoan's great skill, then as now, was to be completely nonplussed by anything Richard did.George knew that she was a bit nonplussed at his eagerness for her to have her own social life.Even Orozco seems nonplussed by his fame.Mundin is nonplussed at our lack of proper titillation.Factory were a little nonplussed by the decision.And, faced with this question, most men are totally nonplussed at the idea.
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