non‧sense S3 [uncountable]


ideas, opinions, statements etc that are not true or that seem very stupid [= rubbish British English]
'I'm a prisoner in my own home.' 'Nonsense!'
absolute/utter/complete nonsense
'Nobody cares about me.' 'That's absolute nonsense, Mary!'
nonsense about
all this nonsense about health foods
If you ask me, these modern teaching methods are a load of nonsense (=a lot of nonsense).
He was talking utter nonsense as usual.
be a nonsense British English
The government's housing policy is a nonsense.
By 1832 the idea had become an economic nonsense.
it is (a) nonsense to do something
It is nonsense to say that mistakes are never made.

annoying behaviour

behaviour that is stupid and annoying:
You're to stop that nonsense, do you hear me?
not stand/put up with/take any nonsense (=not accept such behaviour)
She won't stand any nonsense from the kids in her class.

without meaning

speech or writing that has no meaning or cannot be understood:
Computer programs look like complete nonsense to me.

make (a) nonsense of something

British English to make an action, system, or plan useless or ineffective:
Having the army still in power makes a nonsense of last year's elections.

nonsense poems/verse/rhymes

AL poetry that is humorous because it does not have a sensible meaning

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