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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnonsensicalnon‧sen‧si‧cal /nɒnˈsensɪkəl $ nɑːn-/ adjective  STUPID/NOT SENSIBLEideas, actions, or statements that are nonsensical are not reasonable or sensible This is a nonsensical argument.
Examples from the Corpus
nonsensicalSimilarly, the puerile masquerade of seventies non-swearing was worth watching because it was deliciously nonsensical.The model's results are nonsensical.Charming, idiotic, nonsensical girls, he used to say.nonsensical ideasYou must cease this nonsensical life of yours, slaving away as if you were a servant!Finally, may I dispel a couple of nonsensical rumours that are currently circulating.The other ninety-five per cent looks like a fairly nonsensical sequence.Well, perhaps you have a natural claim to these bizarre nonsensical things.For example, a modulating theme may sound nonsensical without other notes which guide the harmonic flow.
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