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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnormnorm /nɔːm $ nɔːrm/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable]  1 USUALLYthe usual or normal situation, way of doing something etcbe/become the norm Short term contracts are now the norm with some big companies. Joyce’s style of writing was a striking departure from the literary norm.2 norms3 the norm
Examples from the Corpus
normTraditional sexual norms have been called into question.Yet, again there is the contrast between personal inclinations and social norms.This is not uncommon in the South East and well within the building society norm of two and a half times income.And the gospel for so long speaks the correct opposition to what has become the standard and the norm.Peer evaluation within the teams has become the norm.It is the norm that volunteering in sport does not stop out of season.I am told this is the norm.It is those norms, in turn, that create a trusting environment within which commerce and trade can take place.They provide social contexts for shaping the day-to-day behaviour or adolescents, and encourage conformity to norms and values.be/become the normThree-and four-flight days again became the norm for him, more hours above the earth than on it.Driver-only buses have become the norm, and may have increased privatised profitability, but they've decreased traffic flow.Contradictory signals from the government have become the norm.In a decade it may be the norm.Certainly, organised, structured delinquent gangs do not appear to be the norm in Britain today.These are more innocent diversions than used to be the norm.Eventually the price of such devices will fall and PostScript recorders will become the norm - just as they have with typesetting.
From Longman Business Dictionarynormnorm /nɔːmnɔːrm/ noun [singular] the usual and expected situation, way of doing something etcPrivate businesses award an average of 0.35% commission compared with the industry’s norm of 0.5%.Budget surpluses are now the norm.
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