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northernernor‧thern‧er, Northerner /ˈnɔːðə $ ˈnɔːrðərnər/ noun [countable]  SANSGsomeone from the northern part of a country
Examples from the Corpus
northernerThe other two were both northerners.Gloucester showed no desire to unleash a northern invasion of the south, although a few northerners did receive minor pickings there.In the ensuing riot, a hut containing refugees seeking to flee the violence, mainly northerners, was set on fire.Richard Hansard was then one of a group of northerners sent to restore royal authority in Hampshire.Two university psychology professors say they have scientific evidence that southerners are more prone to violence than northerners.To the northerner, the apparently clockwise movement of the Sun and the stars results from an anticlockwise rotation of the earth.Some are transplanted northerners who just got tired of waiting an extra two months each year for spring.
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