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northwardsnorth‧wards /ˈnɔːθwədz $ ˈnɔːrθwərdz/ (also northward) adverb  TTSGtowards the north We sailed northwards.northward adjective the northward journey
Examples from the Corpus
northwardsThe next morning we set off northwards.The second army, led by Magnus himself, marched to Kislev hoping to reprovision at the capital before continuing northwards.Fermanagh the Carboniferous sediments thin northwards against the land mass from which they were derived.They saw him and kicked their horses forward so Sharpe turned his tired mare northwards, and spurred her into a gallop.We carried on walking northwards following sheep tracks through the heather and rock outcrops.The next three miles of pathway northwards from Mosedale to Swindale are the least dramatic of the circuit.As the war moved northwards, there was greater pressure on the hospital and our convalescent homes.Further north along Ermine Street, another road branched northwards to follow the proposed alignment of King Street skirting the fen edge.
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