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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnostalgianos‧tal‧gia /nɒˈstældʒə $ nɑː-/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  REMEMBERa feeling that a time in the past was good, or the activity of remembering a good time in the past and wishing that things had not changednostalgia for nostalgia for the good old days He looked back on his university days with a certain amount of nostalgia. a wave of nostalgia for how great life was in the 1960sCOLLOCATIONSverbsfeel nostalgiaHe didn't feel any nostalgia for his school days.have nostalgiaThe immigrants I spoke to often had an intense nostalgia for their homeland.adjectivesgreat nostalgia (=a strong feeling of nostalgia)I read the college newsletter with great nostalgia.pure nostalgia (=used when talking about good things from the past that are not mixed with things from the present)It was an evening of pure nostalgia, as the band played hits from the 1940s.phrasesa feeling/sense of nostalgiaDid it give you a sense of nostalgia to see the play on Broadway again?a pang of nostalgia (=a short feeling of nostalgia)She felt a pang of nostalgia for the time when they were all children.a wave of nostalgia (=a strong feeling of nostalgia)As I drove into the city I felt a wave of nostalgia sweep over me.nostalgia + NOUNa nostalgia trip informal (=a situation or experience that reminds you of events in the past)Walking around campus was a great nostalgia trip for both of us.a nostalgia buff informal (=someone who likes old things)The restaurant, which still has its 1930s décor, is a favorite with nostalgia buffs.
Examples from the Corpus
nostalgiaMorris aimed for a balance of futurism and nostalgia.But nostalgia is not enough to rebuild a country.Home is the something always already lost, and the longing for it we call nostalgia.Truly I would keel over in spasms of exquisite nostalgia.My nostalgia for a better Britain, for a time that was better for never having existed, had been blown up.If anything, Teds are remembered with a degree of nostalgia and viewed as something quaint.a bittersweet film of nostalgia and innocenceThere's a mood of nostalgia throughout the whole book.Reagan appealed to the average American's sense of nostalgia for a golden age.Anderson combines affection and horror in his version of the seventies while avoiding the trap of nostalgia.He only have our nostalgia for our personal lost Eden.Lamour remembers her first trip to Europe with warm nostalgia.nostalgia forChristmas often brings nostalgia for holidays past.
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