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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnostrumnos‧trum /ˈnɒstrəm $ ˈnɑː-/ noun [countable] formal  IDEAan idea that someone thinks will solve a problem easily, but will probably not help at all an economic nostrum
Examples from the Corpus
nostrumBut he is critical, too, of some liberal notions and nostrums about migration, refugees and asylum seekers.The old planners, with their Keynesian nostrums, were isolated.The danger apprehended that quack nostrums in public policy can be forced upon the voters by demagogues is demonstrably nonexistent.The doctor's nostrums were as likely to hasten death as delay it.Despite its flaws, politicians find this nostrum beguiling, since the costs are hidden from the public.Praise of public wealth can face down the Tory nostrum that we each spend our own money better than the Government does.These two forms of dissent coalesced in the demand for a stronger approach to the Tory nostrum of tariff reform.
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