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not a jot

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot a jotnot a jotold-fashionedNOT not at all or none at all There was not a jot of humour in the man. jot
Examples from the Corpus
not a jotBut Lewis devises a strategy, pursues it, and cares not a jot if the crowd does not approve.It was at once apparent to Joan that, whatever changes of circumstance had taken place, he had changed not a jot.Do not jot down figures which have little basis in fact.Older he undoubtedly is, but he is not a jot wiser.Six out of 10 voters are still not buying and three weeks of slogging seem to have made not a jot of difference.Legally this matters not a jot.There was not a jot of humour in the man.
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