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not a single

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot a singlenot a singleno people or things at all The plane was brought down safely and not a single passenger was killed. We didn’t get a single reply to the advertisement. single
Examples from the Corpus
not a singleThere's not a single burger on the menu.In this light, a novel is not a single discourse, but a complex of many discourses.There was not a single light on in the house.The truth is that not a single one of the official groups organising protests is planning violent action.There was not a single person in sight.Not one, my dear, not a single solitary one.I know of not a single surgeon who ever expressed any regret over these women or apologized to one of them.By the hunting season in the following year, not a single survivor of the last group could be found.Perhaps not a single transcript of his testimony goes unmarked by sarcasm, impatience, or outburst.
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