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not (all) that long/many etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot (all) that long/many etcnot (all) that long/many etcspokenVERY used to mean fairly short, only a few etc Will’s not that tall, considering he’s 16. The film wasn’t all that good. that
Examples from the Corpus
not (all) that long/many etcSo there is not that long a wait.McPhail, 20, is making a run for the board not that long after having graduated from the system himself.I was told the rules, there were not that many and most were sensible.Thankfully there were not that many in cars.He doesn't recognize the name, not that many people seem to know his or that of his publisher.Well, maybe not that many things.And not that many women really feel comfortable going for the jugular.He would do the job himself if he had the time-and had the job not that many years ago.
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