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not anymore

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot anymorenot anymoreNOWused when something used to happen or be true in the past but does not happen or is not true now syn no longer Nick doesn’t live here anymore. I don't really like her anymore. You're describing a world that just doesn't exist anymore. anymore
Examples from the Corpus
not anymoreI had some sympathy at the time, but not anymore.Used to crawl out on the roof in that little pink wrapper, but not anymore.We used to do that, but not anymore but they collect car keys from anybody who drives.She is not anymore in the background.
not anymorenot anymore (also no more literary)NOW if something does not happen anymore, it used to happen but does not happen now Sarah doesn’t live here anymore. more
Examples from the Corpus
not anymoreAlex doesn't work here any more.Well, not any more than usual.Well, not any more, but he did once when I was a kid.At one time doctors recommended red meat as part of a healthy diet but not any more.Do what you like. I don't care any more!I didn't want to get back inside, not any more.Perhaps yes I did love her once but not any more.She used to wonder where he'd been in the meantime, but not any more.There is no profit to be made there, Guillamon, not any more.These procedures are not any more likely to be successful beyond this limit.Well, maybe not now, not any more, now the results were so clear.
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