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not ... but rather ...

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot ... but rather ...not ... but rather ...INSTEADused to say that one thing is not true but a different thing is true The problem is not their lack of funding, but rather their lack of planning. rather
Examples from the Corpus
not ... but rather ...For others, syllable and character represent at most not a word but rather a morpheme, the smallest unit of meaning.The AFL-CIO said the ads are not partisan but rather aim to press Congress to address the needs of working families.However, the foreign exchange earnings on tourism did increase in 1989, not from IR£150m but rather by this figure.The local medical men did not object, but rather commended them for their cheapness.For insider dealing does not lack victims but rather, credible plaintiffs.Sometimes, however, the diagnosis is not hidden but rather softened.What mathematicians want from infinitesimals is not material existence but rather the right to use them in proofs.
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