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not care to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot care to do somethingnot care to do somethingLIKE somebody OR something old-fashioned to not like doing something She doesn’t care to spend much time with her relatives. I wouldn’t care to meet him in a dark alley! I’ve experienced more reorganizations than I care to remember (=a lot of them). care
Examples from the Corpus
not care to do somethingWyatt's old friends didn't care to visit, with a baby in the house.He suspected Hubert had erred in some way, but did not care to ask.It's not something I care to discuss.Unfortunately, Roth did not care to focus on broader and more important issues about the fate of the seized-assets program itself.De Gaulle apparently did not care to give ministers an opportunity to make important decisions without his supervision.But I have to make one comment you might not care to hear: A woman does have a choice.At least, not precisely in the act of anything Mrs Dallam would not care to know about.He did not care to know how many female holly trees a single male could bring to berry.The poets did not care to linger in that gloom-hidden abode.I would not care to live in the vicinity of such a device.
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