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not content with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot content with somethingnot content with somethingMORE/EXTRAused to emphasize that someone wants or does more than something Not content with her new car, Selina now wants a bike. content
Examples from the Corpus
not content with somethingMr Ashdown is not content with imposing his version of stability as a temporary expedient, a regrettably necessary short-term tactic.They're not content with it, cos there's no meaning.Stirling, typically, was not content with just a small raid to prove the potential of his decimated force.Yet he was not content with management.But he was not content with mere physical compliance.Fortunately, politicians were not content with merely deploring such practices; they legislated.Not content with past creations, Leiber is always introducing new designs.He had got under her skin, and after half an hour she went home alone, not content with second-best.Some accountants, however, are not content with the way they spend their holiday time.
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