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not especially

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot especiallynot especiallynot very, or not very much Accidents aren’t especially common, but you never know. He didn’t especially want to learn to dance. especially
Examples from the Corpus
not especiallyBut regarding 2 this teacher was not especially charismatic - in fact more self-effacing than naturally the centre of attention.He is not especially comfortable on the reward dimension, at least at the higher levels.Among the existing pseudo-entities, ghosts and unicorns are not especially dangerous.He is not especially fond of killing animals but, as a countryman, he sees culling deer as a necessity.The housewives in question found that they were not especially fulfilled.Not especially gracious, but squat and workmanlike, plodding with tenacity from port to port.The Leonids and Andromedids are not especially noted for their displays of very brilliant fireballs, but some other streams are.Once again, they were not especially oriented to meeting strategic corporate needs.
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