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not (even) blink

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot (even) blinknot (even) blinkDON'T CAREto not seem at all surprised When I told her how much it would cost, she didn’t even blink. blink
Examples from the Corpus
not (even) blinkResidents didn't even blink when the chemicals company set up business in town.And yet Stillman had not even blinked.But in the stagecraft of dethronement, Kingsley had not taken the bait, had not even blinked.I hold my finger in front of her nose; still she does not blink.We found the village easily enough, though anyone travelling in the area in a Porsche had better not blink.What if Khrushchev had not blinked?It seems to us so extraordinary, yet the storyteller does not blink an eyelid.Mine felt as if they had not blinked for hours.She found that she could not even blink under the harsh glare.
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