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not give a damn/shit etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot give a damn/shit etcnot give a damn/shit etcspoken not politeDON'T CARE used to say that you do not care at all about somethingI don’t give a damn what you think. give
Examples from the Corpus
not give a damn/shit etcAs David said, the union simply does not give a shit.It was nature that had turned her grey, she said, and she did not give a damn.I think their nonchalance about not caring or not giving a damn about record sales is just not true.For opening doors and not giving a damn about what anybody else has to say to it.My ideal would be to not give a damn as much as possible.This time she yelled his name, not giving a damn if she looked a fool, and dived after him.
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