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not go far

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot go farnot go fara) ENOUGHif money does not go far, you cannot buy very much with it My salary doesn’t go very far these days. b) ENOUGHif a supply of something does not go far, it is not enough The coffee won’t go far if everyone wants a cup. far
Examples from the Corpus
not go farThis pizza won't go far if everyone wants some.The management changes may not go far enough, analysts said.The Bundesbank has warned that monetary union will fail because Maastricht did not go far enough on political union.But it is more likely that he will not go far enough.In general, though, the managers felt the training did not go far enough.Republicans criticized him for not going far enough.The privatisations also help, even if they do not go far enough.The symposium also featured a couple of members of Congress who believe the farm reforms did not go far enough.A dollar doesn't go very far these days.They had not gone far when again the clerk heard that long, moaning howl.
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