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not inconsiderable

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot inconsiderablenot inconsiderableformalIMPORTANT used to emphasize that something is large or important syn considerable He has built up a not inconsiderable business empire. inconsiderable
Examples from the Corpus
not inconsiderableThe rewards offered to those who did so were not inconsiderable.Which was, she congratulated herself, a not inconsiderable amount of information.There is also the chance of picking up a not inconsiderable amount of loot.He was a not inconsiderable artist, illustrating many of his own books.Lennox Lewis and the rest of boxing await the answer with not inconsiderable interest.The pursuer himself will also require to contemplate the not inconsiderable pressure of having to give evidence and face cross-examination.In this study there was the not inconsiderable problem of a white researcher seeking out black people.Anyone in the region faces a not inconsiderable risk of getting the disease.What little there was had gone to pay off Sir Nelson's own not inconsiderable service debts.
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