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not later than something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot later than somethingnot later than somethingBEFOREused to say that something must be done by a particular time in the future Completed entry forms should arrive not later than 31st July. later
Examples from the Corpus
not later than somethingCopy for inclusion should reach the Editor not later than 14 February 1994.Nominations must be supported by three members of the National Trust and must reach the Secretary not later than 15 June.I have circulated the request to the various Regional Council service departments asking them to respond not later than 18 December 1992.Nominations should be sent to the Director-General to arrive not later than 30 November.Bookings made less than four days in advance must be paid for not later than fifteen minutes before the performance.This must happen once in each Parliament, usually not later than thirty-six months after the last general election.The missed approach procedure must be commenced not later than this time. 6.
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