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not nearly

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot nearlynot nearlynot at all He’s not nearly as good-looking as his brother. We’ve saved some money, but it’s not nearly enough. nearly
Examples from the Corpus
not nearlyNot the least reason for this, of course, was simply the fact that the hierarchy was not nearly as fully developed.We saved money, but not nearly as much as expected.Researchers found that thin people also experienced food cravings, but not nearly as much as those who were overweight.On the other hand, I found law school boring and not nearly as much fun as college.Several students get through adequate, but not nearly as theatrical, renditions.But the writing is not nearly as tight nor as taut as it should be.His 21 errors were a tad high but not nearly as worrisome as his 127 strikeouts.But this is not nearly enough.
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