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not/no more than something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot/no more than somethingnot/no more than somethingONLYused to emphasize that a particular number, amount, distance etc is not large It’s a beautiful cottage not more than five minutes from the nearest beach. Opinion polls show that no more than 30% of people trust the government. more
Examples from the Corpus
not/no more than somethingThe crystal was no more than a glimmering outline in the darkness.But it is no more than a seed in 1215.They are no more than about 20% efficient.The insurance covers not more than five days in the hospital.Send in a good quality tape with no more than four songs.Their bosses view them as no more than glorified typists and they are denied career opportunities.Some were no more than motionless translucent blobs.They were no more than survivals from the past.The house is no more than ten minutes from the beach.Although their investigations are supposed to take no more than two weeks, they often stretch to several months.
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