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not only

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot onlynot onlyAND/ALSOin addition to being or doing somethingnot only ... (but) also ... Shakespeare was not only a writer but also an actor.not only do/will/can etc Not only do the nurses want a pay increase, they want reduced hours as well. not
Examples from the Corpus
not onlyStores were distributed in pony treks that carried not only ammunition and food but also mail and the force's own newspaper.In reality, public companies not only compete against other: they also have to guard against the ever-present risk of takeovers.It was far too dangerous to remain where he was, not only for him but for everyone else as well.Her desire for independence set her apart not only from the lives of most of her friends but from their under-standing.This has guaranteed not only resources but also access to national databases not always open to others.He was required to pay not only the price but also a carriage charge.The material world is not only the source of man's arts, but the reason for them.
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