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not particularly

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot particularlynot particularlya) NOTnot very I’m not particularly impressed with their performance. b) spokenNOT not very much ‘Do you want to come to the party?’ ‘Not particularly.’ particularly
Examples from the Corpus
not particularly"You don't like cats very much, do you?" "No, not particularly."I didn't particularly want to go out.Birmingham isn't a particularly beautiful city.The climate, in most cases, is not particularly conducive to individual creativity.With this rap on your head, you were not particularly eager to meet the boss.It was a good film, not particularly exciting, but enjoyable.When I was a kid, I was not particularly good in school.Unfortunately the news at the moment is not particularly good.True, they were not particularly large, but they were keeping their shape well.So that leads me to think that these sorts of events are not particularly uncommon.The questions were not particularly well answered.Jon isn't particularly worried about money.Other writers will make different choices, and that in itself does not particularly worry me.
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