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not quite why/what/where etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot quite why/what/where etcnot quite why/what/where etcEXACTnot exactly why, what, where etc The play wasn’t quite what we expected. quite
Examples from the Corpus
not quite why/what/where etcThe whole situation was very unusual and not quite what I expected it to be.They are not quite what I should have expected from a man like Serafin.But it is not quite what it seems.So Feuerbach's sensuous anthropology, much praised even by Karl Barth, is not quite what it seems.Only his shoes seemed to be a little too pointed - not quite what men one knew would wear.Somehow we get the feeling this is not quite what Tucson Mayor George Miller had in mind.This is not quite what was expected.That is not quite what we suggested, which was that it should have regard to affordability.
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