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not really

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot reallynot reallyNOused to say ‘no’ or ‘not’ in a less strong way ‘Do you want to come along?’ ‘Not really.’ I don’t really know what he’s doing now. really
Examples from the Corpus
not really"Are you hungry yet?" "Not really."Mr Steve George should not really care what the status of the building is.The man is big, white, overweight but not really fat.Striking was not really getting us anywhere."Do you want to come to the movie with us?'' "Not really. I think I'll just stay in and read.''The Najadat were in agreement that in fact the people did not really need an imam."But you quite enjoy your job, don't you?" "Not really, no. I feel I could do with a change."It's not really up to me to judge that they are the best ever.Lisa always knew she did not really want her baby adapted, and before she was even born had decided against it.Jim had not really woken up for his breakfast and was happy to curl up in the back again.Unfortunately the bits in between are hard work and ultimately are not really worth the bother.
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