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not think to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot think to do somethingnot think to do somethingto not consider doing something, especially when you later wish you had done it I didn’t think to question the treatment I was given. I never thought to ask him for his address. think
Examples from the Corpus
not think to do somethingI didn't even think to ask about him about how Christal's doing.They naturally did not think to apply it to their own empires.Most of the damage to trees was not thought to be permanent.But U.S. officials said the signs of a possible attack were not thought to be related to the Khobar indictment.Air pollution was not thought to be responsible.We were told that we could not buy the camels because we had not thought to bring the right piece of paper.Police said that although the explosion was not thought to have been an accident no one was being sought.Police said cause had not been established but there were not thought to have been suspicious circumstances.These are productive thoughts, but we do not want to lead Della Guardia to evidence he has not thought to obtain.
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