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not to worry

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot to worrynot to worryBritish English spokenUNIMPORTANT used to say that something is not important Not to worry, we can always go another time. worry
Examples from the Corpus
not to worryHave a good night and try not to worry.He told me not to worry.Yet gays turning to churches and other institutions for help all too often were told not to worry.It was far enough from home for him not to worry about who he'd see there.Theo was asked not to worry, and not to tell anyone unless forced.They try not to worry excessively about the uncertainties in the future or to dwell on the traumatic events of the past.Michael told him not to worry, it was all taken care of.Denoyer tells him not to worry, the painting is just out on loan to a gallery in Cannes.
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