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not very good/happy/far etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot very good/happy/far etcnot very good/happy/far etcNOTnot good etc at all I’m just not very good at spelling. The garden’s not very big, is it? The assistant wasn’t very helpful. ‘Was the talk interesting?’ ‘Not very (=only slightly).’ very
Examples from the Corpus
not very good/happy/far etcHe says his technique is not very good.My breathing was not very good at all.Most humans are not very good at keeping secrets.Paul is not very good at pushing it yet.Governments are not very good at tinkering.Other kids were not very good either, and we all inadvertently inhaled the pool again and again.Relations with Admiral Boyd of the Joint Chiefs were not very good either.Are you - very happy, fairly happy, not very happy, or not happy at all?
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