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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnotednot‧ed /ˈnəʊtɪd $ ˈnoʊ-/ adjective  FAMOUSwell known or famous, especially because of some special quality or abilityrenowned a noted authornoted for The city is noted for its 18th-century architecture.see thesaurus at famous
Examples from the Corpus
notedHer family were prominent and staunch parliamentarians and, after the Restoration, noted dissenters.Aside from his deeds in the fifteen-a-side game, he was a noted exponent of sevens.Society Hill is noted for its 18th-century architecture.The author quotes Stephen Jay Gould, the noted Harvard scientist, to support his theories.The picture was taken in the mid-1880s by the noted photographer C.S. Fly.But Peter Glenville - a noted, respected director - fired him.Steel himself was a noted tactician, more concerned with manoeuvre than with policy-making, a style appropriate for the parliamentary situation.
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