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nothing better

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnothing betternothing bettera) used to say that you really like something or think that something is very goodlike/love/enjoy nothing better (than) She likes nothing better than a nice long walk along the beach. There’s nothing better than beating someone who’s playing well. b) used to say that a thing or situation is not very good, but is the only thing possible or availablehave nothing better to do Have you got nothing better to do than sit there playing that silly game? I only picked it up because there was nothing better to read. better
Examples from the Corpus
nothing betterLearn to tie it and you will realise there is nothing better.For sleeping there is nothing better than cotton.I should have remembered: our new management likes nothing better than doing things on the cheap.Analysts in Harare believe Mr Mugabe would like nothing better than the chance to declare a nationwide state of emergency.Rowland moves outside the establishment - in fact, he likes nothing better than upsetting it.With nothing better to do, Billy shuffled in their direction.He had nothing better to do.The reporters, oddly enough, just happen to be sitting there in the line of fire with nothing better to do.
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